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Building an inclusive future where esports and gaming empower individuals to develop skills, succeed in careers, and contribute meaningfully to society.

What makes us different?

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Our Programmes

Esports Academy
SCOGA Initiative Esports Academy Logo - White

We work with different people involved in the esports industry to set standards for its growth. Our mission is to provide programmes that combine technical training with personal and career development, and create different pathways for esports athletes, coaches, managers, and professionals. We aim to change how society views esports through community engagement, while our vision is to develop resilient young people who can be future champions, leaders and role models.

Campus Legends
SCOGA Initiative Campus Legends Logo - White 3

As the esports industry continues to grow, there is an increasing demand among Singaporean youth for career opportunities in various esports-related functions. Campus Legends is a competitive platform that provides young people with healthy competition while also helping them prepare for future careers in the industry. This programme represents another initiative by SCOGA to assist Singaporean youth in achieving their ambitions through esports participation.

Gamers SG
SCOGA initiative Gamers logo

GAMERS.SG is a one-stop hub and membership for gamers in Singapore, built for you by people who love esports and gaming. We’ve put together a value-packed community membership to bring you exclusive deals, news, competitions, and career advancement in games and esports. You can also see every esports and gaming event in Singapore on our GAMERS.SG calendar. Check out tournaments, leagues, workshops, seminars, and launches right here.

Campus Game Fest
SCOGA initiative Gamers logo

CGF is a festival for the youth in Singapore filled with digital lifestyle activities such as Games, Arts, Media & Edutainment. It is spearheaded by SCOGA, Institute of Technical Education (ITE), and People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM), and co-organized by CyberAthlete Professional League (CPL) aims to promote creativity, innovation, and cultivate cyber wellness through a balanced and healthy lifestyle approach for the youth.

Let's Work Together

Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn about the various sponsorship opportunities available for events, teams, or individual players, and how your brand can benefit from exposure to the esports community.

Volunteer Openings

Find out about current job and volunteer opportunities within our organisation, and how you can contribute to our mission of promoting esports in Singapore.

Event Participation

Learn about upcoming events that we are organising or participating in, and how you or your company can get involved.

Partnership Opportunities

Discover how we can work together to create partnerships that benefit the esports community and provide valuable experience for both parties.

Education and Training

Discover our programs and initiatives that focus on education and training for players, coaches, and industry professionals, and how you can help support these efforts.

Supporting Us

Learn about ways you can contribute to our organisation and help us promote and grow esports in Singapore and beyond, including network opportunities or volunteering your time.