Launch Date

May, 2019

Campus Legends is an SCOGA initiative in engaging, educating and empowering youth to excel through esports.
Over the past 11 years, SCOGA has borne witness to the profound and positive impact that esports has had on our youths: social integration, building identity and a sense of belonging, as well as inculcating values such as discipline, teamwork, communication, resilience, and commitment to a community.

Many of our youths have also developed technical competencies that allowed them to build viable careers in esports, not just as professional gamers but various professional roles in the esports and gaming industry. From our experience engaging with youths in and around esports and education, it is clear that, as the esports industry continues to grow, there is an ever-increasing and unfed demand among Singaporean youths for opportunities in not only competitive gaming but also in building careers in and around esports.

Campus Legends represents our next step in our continued efforts to help youths in Singapore achieve their ambitions through a virtuous participation cycle – a competitive platform that not only engages and educates youths, but also enables them to excel in multiple dimensions, including in the workforce of the future.