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Statement from SCOGA on CPL

The management of the (Singapore) Cybersports & Online Gaming Association, better known as SCOGA, note with concern the recent blog post by Ms. Tonya Welch posted on and we were approached for a response by gamers who know that we have been in discussions with the new CPL in this part of the world.
While we are concerned, we also realized that we do not have enough information to make a clear judgment on the situation as we were not involved in the old CPL, WSVG, CGS and neither were we involved in the formation of the new CPL.
We are currently evaluating the implications of this blog post and also investigating if any Singaporean gamers are being owed dues by CPL, especially prior to SCOGA’s establishment in 2008. If you are a Singaporean gamer reading this and have unresolved payments from CPL, please contact us immediately at  [email protected]This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
We remain committed to our mission and will continue to look for ways to engage the various international gaming communities.
We thank you for your kind attention.
On behalf of the Executive Committee,
Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Co-founder, Chairman
Kelvin Tan, Co-founder, President
(Singapore) Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (1135/2007)
About SCOGA:
The (Singapore) Cybersports & Online Gaming Association, better known as SCOGA, is a non-profit organization registered in March 2008. While SCOGA works with various stakeholders on programs ranging from gaming, eSports, to cyberwellness, one of our main functions is to cater to the best interest of the Singapore gaming population. One such example would be helping Singapore eSports representatives get leave from their schools and national service obligations for international tournaments. Another example would be when the local winners of the World Cyber Games (WCG) did not have the funds to represent Singapore in 2008 WCG Grand Finals in Cologne, Germany; SCOGA then heightened eSports awareness to the Singapore general public and collected enough funds through public donations to send four of our top gamers to Cologne to represent Singapore.

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