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    We are a non-profit association that focuses on contributing to the growth of the esports ecosystem by developing talent and offering opportunities that positively impact people’s lives through games and esports.

    We channel esports for good, our programmes and initiatives cover multiple age groups such as youths, young adults and seniors. We focus on soft skill development for youths, hard skills development for young adults and using games as a medium to keep seniors happy and healthy.

    We have comprehensive educational offerings and work together with public and private organisations to use esports and games as a medium to engage people.

    Please refer to the Esports Academy and Campus Legends pages for some examples.

    SCOGA has developed an in depth understanding of the esports ecosystem since our inception, whether you are a community leader, private or public organisation, we adopt a tailored approach when working together with you to ensure that we are making a positive impact.

    Partner with us to develop a sustainable esports ecosystem here in Singapore. This can be through the means of programme sponsorship to training/traineeship opportunities for our youths.

    A: Please reach out to us via our contact form and we will be in touch with you
    within 3-5 working days