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Get your Licence2Play this holiday!

Get your License 2 Play this holiday!
It’s the start of the June holidays. What do you do?
Why, play, of course!
But… wait a minute. As you check your stash of games old and new, you realise that you’ve finished them all. Several times. And achieved perfect endings without the use of walkthroughs.
What do you play?
License2Play 2010 is in its 2nd year, and it’s hotter than ever.
Bored with DotA? Check out the Heroes of Newearth (HoN) qualifier tournament HoN takes the essence of defending the ancients out of the equally ancient Warcraft III engine and puts it in a sleek new one developed by S2 Games. Lenovo, Intel and yes, Razer support both the gameplay requirements and your much-abused gamer’s wrist. To top it all off, SCOGA will bring you to new heights when you win… think Shanghai and Sweden.
Wait, you haven’t heard of HoN? Don’t worry: there’s the New Paper Cyber Challenge to take up, if you so fancy. With SCOGA’s blessing, you choose from a gaming arsenal of Fifa Online 2, Counter Strike Online, and Dragonica and fight to reveal your opponent’s inner noob. Do you have what it takes to boom! headshot?
If you don’t… there’s always the more sedate option of SCOGA’s Game To Read (GTR) Hour. Organised by gamers for gamers, GTR hour hopes to encourage and instil the habit of reading. Come pledge your gaming honour to this! Instead of staring at your computer screen, why not pick up a book? Internet access will be available at the SCOGA booth for you to log in and commit to GTR Hour on Facebook.
On top of GTR Hour, check out how you can game and still keep a healthy mind and body with SCOGA’s cyberwellness exhibition. Spanning a range of topics like computer security, internet addiction, pornography, cyberbullying, copyright and the dangers of cyber contact, it’s going to be one stop parents won’t miss!
And when you’re done, give the Singapore Game Box a test run. The Singapore Game Box is a compilation of games developed right here in our own backyards. Sign up to try it, and you might just win an iPad via the lucky draw! (Submitted forms are automatically entered, just make sure you put them in the right box!)
Don’t miss out. Get your License2Play this holiday!


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