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Licence 2 Play 2010

The 2nd inaugural year of Licence2Play (L2P) was undoubtedly a hit! Competitions went smoothly, events were back-to-back, and more importantly, loot was in abundance all round! Think free comics, dirt cheap flatscreen TVs, and even a chance to play brand new games, FOR FREE! The highlight (for me) was undoubtedly Starcraft II, unveiled after a painfully 10 year wait. It was accompanied by games like Monster… Forest… Think WoW with cutesy graphics. Dragonica unveiled a new expansion: Revenge of Paris, while good old Counterstrike was given a revamp into Counterstrike Online, and faithful Animal Kaiser made an appearance. Fifa Online 2 was also unveiled in view of the coming World Cup. In that respect, our lovely country wasn’t to be outdone either: Singapore had A Singapore Odyssey for the coming Youth Olympic Games. But enough chatter! In this case, pictures definitely speak more than a thousand words. I could take up all the space on this page trying to tell you about the majesty of our stunted local Yautja… but I won’t. Read on!

Singaporean Yautja/Predators of Predator/Alien vs. Predator fame. They were unfortunately shorter than I expected, but it was still a treat to see them! I mean, OMG, YAUTJA!
Anyway. The SCOGA booth was planted smack in the middle of the action. Our neighbours were the NLB, Moviemania as well as the New Paper Cyber Challenge. Right on our own turf was the arena for the Heroes of Newearth competition, so you can imagine our excitement at L2P. We weren’t the only ones excited, either. Look at the queue outside…

So many people! And of all ages, races and genders! Gaming is definitely not a male-only thing. 😉 Anyway here are the highlights of the show! The biggest booth inside was definitely the Activision-Blizzard showcase of the long awaited… STARCRAFT II! Though it was only the first instalment (Wings of Liberty), it was still really great.

BLIZZARD!! Starcraft II!! You could play quick skirmishes at the laptops placed around the booth. Everything surrounded the centre, where trailers were being played.


It’s tough. And on a completely unrelated note, my favourite race is the Zerg!

This guy was playing Protoss. Boo. The dude below is Ryan, in charge of Blizz PR!

Blizzard also had some babes to engage the male community.

They were pretty hot. But not as hot as The New Paper Cyber Challenge! (TNPCC)

TNPCC had three game leagues one could compete in: Fifa Online 2, Dragonica PvP and Counterstrike Online. Here’s a glimpse of TNPCC’s competition area…

And SCOGA’s Heroes of Newearth (HoN) qualifiers setup!

Powered by Razer and Lenovo…

Replete with fancy backdrop.

Big thanks to partners of SCOGA: S2 Games, CPL and Dreamhack as well as Starhub, Lenovo and Razer! With such big guns on our side, everyone was definitely playing to win.

See their faces.

Team ABC

Team DsD.mianbaoheroes
The action could be watched on (literally) the big screen over by the spectator area.

Find out who took home the tickets to Shanghai and Dreamhack in Sweden here
During lulls in the HoN tournament, it was easy to wander over to the SCOGA booth to try your luck at winning a free iPad! All you had to do was sign up. The physical draw will be held on the 26th of June, and you’ll receive more info about it via email.

There was also a laptop out for visitors to pledge an hour of their lives to the SCOGA initiated GTR Hour.

And if those weren’t enough of a draw, SCOGA’s lovely booth assistants were on hand to give you a tour.

The exhibition set up covered everything you needed to know about cyberwellness.

And was endorsed by celebrity pro-gamer, Tammy aka furryfish
We also had the locally developed game, Singapore Odyssey, on display! Here’s Kimberlyn, one of our booth assistants, showing a kid how it’s played..

As mentioned much earlier in this post, the view from the SCOGA booth was great. We were the first to get these:

Since we were right next door! Look at the queue that formed.

The comics were only a precursor of the Falcon’s Hangar, a wonderland of toys and figurines.

And that wasn’t all. Since the Moviemania booth was just a few steps away, you never knew who would show up behind you.

Pimped out WoW characters…

Uruk-hai and Yautja
And even…

The SCOGA founders were also taken hostage, omg.

Did they emerge unscathed from Licence2Play?! Find out if anyone lived to give out the prizes of the Heroes of Newearth tournament here.

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