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Singapore's Heroes of Newerth Representatives Send-Off

Impunity, previous known as Princess Council a.k.a. our local Heroes of Newerth champs, are currently representing Singapore at the Shanghai World Expo! Impunity won the privilege of representing our beloved country at the Licence2Play expo’s Heroes of Newerth qualifier tournament earlier in the year. They will also be going to Dreamhack Winter 2010, in Sweden, competing with other nations for the top prize pool of US$10,000 in November.

SCOGA sent them off at the airport late Thursday night. Impunity were previously shirtless, as you can see here.

We managed to get them team jerseys with thanks to the kind folks over at Lenovo and Colosseum!

Team Impunity with Kel, our co-founder and president (L) and Check Ho, SCOGA’s manager helping them with their training leading up to November (R)!

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