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StarCraft II SEA/ANZ Invitational Winners: ice

The epic StarCraft II SEA/ANZ Invitational Tournament has left its crater on the landscape of gaming here, and we’re taking you behind the scenes. gives you an exclusive look at the real lives and minds of the winners, the future cyber-celebrities of our region! Today we have 1st runner-up ice, also called Daryl Koh in our universe. Ice is a veteran in the scene, feared by all who cross his path. He’s leveling to become a full-fledged pro gamer… and that day might come sooner than we think.
Say hello to everybody.
I’m Daryl Koh from Singapore, a.k.a “ice”. I’m currently trying to be a pro gamer and besides StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™, I generally like fishing and playing games.
When did you first start playing StarCraft games?
I used to play the first StarCraft when I was a kid, like at 11 years-old? I would, like, cheat through the campaigns though. LOL
What drew you into the competitive gaming part of StarCraft?
The fact that StarCraft I was a bestseller and I used to play WarCraft® III: Reign of Chaos™ competitively, I guess. I wanted to try my chances on this game and have a go at PWNing Koreans since they were pretty much dominant in StarCraft®: Brood Wars™.
How often do you play to get your skills to this level?
I try to reach my targeted amount of game sessions everyday, and depending on the target that I am aiming for, I’ll hit it before I go to sleep most of the time.
What do you like best about StarCraft II?
I like the sounds that the roaches make. That’s gotta be what I like best… And Infestors! And Ultralisks! And Banelings! OK… I guess I like Zerg units. Oh! I like the Changeling too…
What skills/abilities are needed to be a capable competitive gamer?
Micro, macro (micro-management and macro management skills of units), talent and determination? And lots of free time. You’ve got to drink tea as well… with milk of course. Ceylon tea preferred.
How do you feel about your win?
I’m glad to have remained in the winners bracket, and earned a shot at BlizzCon®. (the first and second placed winners in this tournament qualify for the tournament at BlizzCon this year) Although I lost to RedArchon in the finals of the SEA/ANZ Invitational, I want to win at BlizzCon!
Will you share some training/playing tips with readers here?
Play more, and set attainable short-term goals as you go along. Look back on games you’ve played and know why you lost them, and don’t make the same mistakes. But mainly, drink more tea.
Do you play other games besides StarCraft II?
Yeah, I kinda play any game that’s good and out there. Valve and Blizzard games, mainly. I also play League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients and Heroes of Newerth competitively right now.
What do you think about Asians’ opinions of semi-pro or pro gamers?
In Asia, the pro-gamer is a myth outside of Korea. I don’t think there is any other society or culture that allows gamers to actually play games as a job. Lots of people think it’s so cool to be able to just play games, but they fail to see the hard work that goes into it. After a while, some pro gamers do get sick of playing the same game over and over again.

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