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Singapore GameFEST 2010: Day 2

The second day of SGF dawned bright and early with the Young Cyber Wellness Achiever Awards.

Pupils and teachers from various schools came down to view cyber wellness exhibits. They were later treated to an hour’s free play in SGF! This was followed by the award ceremony proper, where the teachers in charge received certifications of participation on behalf of their respective schools. Starhub was also presented with a token of appreciation for their support of the programme.

Friday also saw the start of the Digital Youth Awards Heroes of Newerth Digital Sports World Finals. Singapore’s own Team Impunity, supported by SCOGA, were there in their awesome jackets courtesy of Lenovo!

The World Finals were shoutcasted by the awesome TobiWonKenobi and breakycpk.

Project Rampage also kicked off with a series of mini events, ending witha  1v1 Invitationals later in the night.

To top it all off, Friday marked the first of the overnight programmes SGF had. Two World of Warcraft guilds sat down to compete in timed hardmode raids in Icecrown Citadel. Both would receive the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition for their participation (one copy only, best roll wins :p) but the first guild to down the Lich King that night would receive an extra copy! Elementium of Barthilas Alliance and I Believe In Aliens of Thaurissan Horde were there to represent!
Elementium also enjoyed some Singapore GameBox games before the start of their raid…