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Singapore GameFEST 2010: Day 3

Day 3 of SGF was simple, really. The Digital Youth Awards Finals were going to be played. The EPIC Convention began. There were cosplayers, and tonnes and tonnes of people!

The audience was also treated to some lightsaber duels! It’s a pity they weren’t accompanied by sound effects.

Christmas came a little early 😛  The increase in visitors from the cosplay fest also contributed to a larger number of people sitting down to try out SCOGA’s adopted Singapore GameBox games!

Tournament results will be out in the next post! In the meantime, scroll down to hear more about the casual StarCraft II 4v4 overnight LAN party!
A historical Singapore vs Malaysia match at the Digital Youth Awards Digital Sports World Finals started at 8pm.

Philibert and Ryan (looking really happy despite a lack of sleep) shoutcasted the semis and finals of the gamers’ party. The other players were no less gleeful.