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Singapore GameFEST Final Day!!!

The final day of SGF2010 was literally that – a day for finals! Here are the results of the Digital Youth Awards Heroes of Newerth World Finals.
1st – Team [eG] Evil Geniuses
2nd – Team [ICE] ICE + Purifyfy
3rd – Team [iMp] Impunity (Yay Singapore!)
4th – Team [xTu] Xpect the unexpected

The JuBeat and Taiko results have been reported here.
The EPIC Convention’s prizes were given out by the guest of honour for SGF2010’s closing ceremony, Ms Clarin Wee, who first went on a walkabout our equally epic Singapore GameFEST before heading up onstage. Here she is taking a gander at our cyber wellness exhibition up at the Cache!

The results of the EPIC Convention are as follows
The DotA champions were GIGABYTE.SG, with 1st and 2nd runner ups being G1.tT and DsD respectively.

Blackshot had Team MVP as the champions, and Team Prismatic and Team Rejects as 1st and 2nd runner ups.

Super Street Fighter 4 had Leslie aka Les-chan in first place and Dixon and Ghim Kee aka Gackt as first and second runner ups!



Les-chan the champion!
For StarCraft II we were only able to find two photos, but congrats to all winners anyway ๐Ÿ˜€
The champion was Tan Sin Yik Marcus with the Zerg, the first runner up was Chow Pak Sun and the second runner up was Leonard Choo!


And Pak Sun!
And that’s it. SGF2010 was literally an EPIC experience. Let’s hope next year’s will be even better!