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SCOGA is Recruiting Volunteers!

Dear all,
For all of you who have been writing to and talking to us about joining SCOGA, you’d be glad to know that SCOGA is recruiting!
SCOGA Exco 2010




We are looking for a passionate person like yourself, who wants to make a difference in the local gaming scene, to join us!

Do write in to [email protected] and tell us about yourself with basic information like your age, what you are currently doing now (school, NS, working, where), how you are involving in gaming, and why you want to volunteer with SCOGA!

UPDATE: We thought we provide more information from feedback from the queries. We are interested in:

1. People who have some time and don’t mind to use it to serve the community.
2. People who want to make a difference in their game communities, especially community leaders.
3. People who have skills like design, networking, etc who want to use it to serve the games scene.

If you are not sure if you are suitable, don’t hesitate, just write in!