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What is your vision for Sports in Singapore?

The Vision 2030 program by Singapore Sports Council has been launched. The website, powered by a tool called Uservoice, allows people to come together to share and discuss ideas.

A note from Lim Teck Yin, SSC CEO

How does sport add value to your life and the lives of your team and community? This is not a question that seeks an abstract answer, but one that asks us to ponder about the hard facts of what is needed for us to live healthy, happy and meaningful lives. We were born to move and play; we were born as social beings; we are raised to compete and excel (hopefully with the right values); and we are inspired by greatness.
So how can we develop sports in Singapore for it to be a force for the betterment of our lives? Many of you have already written to us, either by posting on the website, emailing us or sending us a letter with ideas and suggestions. It has been a great beginning, and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and views. Together, we can shape the sports scene in Singapore for the future.

Among all the ideas, eSports was brought up as a topic by the public. “eSports as a form of sport and have an eSports program in SG” received 100+ votes from time of report.
Head on down and tell us what you think and vote if you support the agenda.
Source: Vision 2030 Website