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Team BF:Nut gets first GAP grant

The Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association and its Gamers’ Assistance Program Council would like to congratulate Team BF:NUT on its successful application for the GAP Fund.
They will receive S$3,600.00 to help them offset travel, accommodation and trip expenses to Stockholm, Sweden, to attend AMD Sapphire Battlefield 3 DreamHack Masters, which is part of DreamHack Winter 2012.
Representing the Battlefield community, BF:NUT is the only country representative from Asia participating in Dreamhack Winter 2012.The all Singaporean team will be in Sweden from 20th-26th November 2012. The name list are as follows:
  1. Yeo Hui Sheng, Donald
  2. Muhammad Syafiq Bin Anuar
  3. Lim Yong Cheng
  4. Gian Chun Yew, Freddie
  5. Eugene Zheng Diyou
  6. Teo Jie Xiang
SCOGA wishes the team good luck in the battle field and hope they do Singapore proud.
The Gamer Assistance Program, otherwise known as GAP Fund, is a fund to help gamers fulfil their dreams to represent Singapore on the international stage.
For more information on the grant, sponsorship or media enquiry, please contact Kamil at kamil @