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CAMPUS GAME FEST – The Biggest LAN Party in Singapore

From the office of SCOGA, Singapore, 16 August 2013
CAMPUS GAME FEST (CGF) will offer 72 hours of non-stop fun in the first large-scale, youth-focused event to incorporate ‘Gaming, Arts, Media and Edutainment’ held in a local educational institute. CGF is the first large scale gaming event in Singapore that brings innovation, creativity and digital entertainment together within an educational and cyber wellness theme.
Organised by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM), co-organised by the Comics Society of Singapore(CSS) and The CyberAthlete Professional League(CPL), the festival will take place at the newest state-of-the-art ITE College Central Campus @ Ang Mo Kio from 4th to 6th October 2013.
The inaugural Campus Game Fest promises to be the largest LAN (Local Area Network) and BYOC/D (Bring Your Own Computer/Device) party ever organised in Singapore. Participants will get to take part in professional and ad-hoc flash-tournaments, attend related workshops and experience comic artists in action amongst many other activities. More than 1000 party attendees will be accessing the internet on both wired and wireless connections via their computers and mobile devices. Members of public will be invited to take part in various social game challenges on their mobile devices and watch webcasted e-Sports tournaments.
Gaming participants, expected to reach a total count of 30,000, will experience ultra-fast, uninterrupted and lag free internet connection, supported by main sponsor M1.
The various participation and attendee packages of the CGF has been announced today, beginning from the most basic event entry fee to the various BYOC/D packages, designed to meet the various needs and levels of participation of gamers.
More information about Campus Game Fest can be found at

CGF Organising Committee:
Keith Lim
Program Manager
[email protected]