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Asean Youth Creative Industry Fair 2015

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur below the age of 35? Have idea within the sector of Fashion, Craft/Product Design, Games/Applications or Movie/Animation? Then sign up for for the biggest young creativepreneurs movment in asia today!

The Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association is proud to be a supporter of the Asian Youth creative Industry Fair 2015.

So what is this fair all about? The project aims to promote ASEAN youth entrepreneurship on creative industry through a seed activity of the sustainable and long-term synergy among ASEAN young creative entrepreneurs. The seed activity would be a two-day event in which ASEAN young entrepreneurs can showcase, share ideas, inspire and/or be inspired, and build regional networks that will support the growth of their creative business, and will eventually support the growth of creative industry in ASEAN region. The event will consist of the showcase, workshops, and “buyer meet seller” sessions, including four creative sub-sectors namely MOVIE and ANIMATION, CRAFT and PRODUCT DESIGN, FASHION, and also GAMES & APPLICATION (including video or short film in the form of animation or stop motion), fashion, designs (including graphic design or product design), and toys and interactive games .

The proposed theme for the two-day-event is “ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair: Seizing Opportunities within Harmony”, since we want to emphasize that regional economic opportunities, including the creative industry, can only be seen and be utilized when we are in harmony, not only harmony between people (including industry players), but also between people and the environment; as we are now no longer in the era of a mere economic development paradigm, but in the era of sustainable development in which social, economic, and environment development should be managed hand in hand.

However, there will be ex-ante and ex-post activities of the event as well. The ex-ante activity is the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Creative Business Plan Competition, to select showcase participants for the event. While the ex-post activity is to establish the ASEAN Young Creative Entrepreneurs Evaluation Meeting (6 months after the two-day event) – that will be participated by the showcase participants – to further develop and nurture ASEAN young creative entrepreneurs database and network. The Evaluation Meeting is expected to result an organizational or association framework that can be a sustainable hub of synergy, including pooling information and capacity building, among ASEAN Creative Industry Entrepreneurs.

This project is designed as a sequence of seed activities to encourage the growth of creative industry and to create a snowballing effect in establishing a sustainable and self-generating institutionalized activity among ASEAN young entrepreneurs on creative industry.