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Level Up Your Career & Life Through Gamification

In the last decade, games have evolved from being a niche field for young children to a cultural phenomenon that penetrates every corner of society. Not only are games used for entertainment, but they are also contributing to fields such as education, career, productivity, wellness, and leadership.

This is the new world of Gamification, where we apply the psychological elements of games to make every activity we do more engaging and effective. Many people who are lost or feel stagnant in their careers reside to spending many hours playing games, but they don’t realize that the same mentality and methodology in games are the very key to helping them break through, achieve greatness, and find a sense of purpose in their real lives.

In this talk by international keynote speaker and author Yu-kai Chou, attendees will learn how to become more competitive in the global market by acquiring EXP to grow various skill sets, connecting with allies who have complementary skills, and overcoming quests that will help them grow. We live in a world where people often do the minimum amount of expected work, and then passionately excel at the games they play. After this talk, attendees will learn how to transition from “NPCs” – characters that only serve one monotonous function – into Heroes that passionately overcome obstacles and create meaningful impact in their own lives as well as the life of others.

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