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For Immediate ReleaseThe Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC) grand finals and carnival, in its 5th year, will be held in Singapore, Marina

Logitech and DXRacer signed as sponsors while SCOGA partners Team Flash to bolster efforts for Esports education programmes28 May 2018 (Singapore) –

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESINGAPORE – Singapore’s Cybersports and Online Gaming Association is proud to announce that it has been tasked with Selection of

Singapore, 28 November 2017 – Super Evil Megacorp, the developers of the world’s leading mobile esport Vainglory, has announced a partnership with

Vainglory Student Seminar

This holiday season, SCOGA and Super Evil Megacorp will be presenting students an exclusive opportunity to network with veterans of the games

Kenneth Fok said esports must “face up” to cynicism over whether gaming can be considered a sport and adopt regulations on doping

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